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We Need Innovative Solutions to Housing Crisis

Letter to the Editor:

As representatives of the Peabody AreaChamber of Commerce, we write to highlight a pressing concern that affects not just residents, but also the business: the housing crisis. While discussions often revolve around various economic factors, it's crucial to underscore that the housing crisis stands as the single biggest obstacle for businesses in Massachusetts in retaining and attracting talent, far outweighing the minimum wage debate.

Statistics reveal a concerning trend: the exodus of 25-36 year-olds, the very cohort poised to be our next generation of leaders. This demographic flight not only depletes our talent pool but also undermines the vitality of our communities.
Moreover, it's essential to recognize that the housing crisis is not confined to metropolitan areas; it's a local issue resonating in every community. The impact reverberates through our schools, public services, and beyond. Can we, as a community, reconcile with the notion of our children, teachers, or public servants being priced out of their hometowns? Are we willing to accept a slightly longer commute if it means affording them the opportunity to reside where they work?

We urge policymakers, stakeholders and residents to prioritize innovative solutions to address the housing shortage. It's not merely an economic issue; it's a matter of preserving the fabric of our communities and nurturing the next generation of leaders.

Deanne Healey, PACC President
Brad Gosselin, Chair, PACC Government Relations Commmittee

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