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Meet the Member: Spectra Networks LLC

Meet Joe Silva.

Tell us about your organization:

Spectra Networks is a comprehensive IT service company dedicated to assisting small to medium-sized businesses with IT solutions including specialties in Managed Support Services, Compliance and Security, Amazon Web Services, and IT Support. 


We tailor all of our IT services to each business’s unique needs. We start by listening to the needs and goals of the organization. Our team will review existing technology and develop an improvement plan with a phased approach. This allows us to prioritize critical systems and provide business continuity first, while secondary systems can be upgraded over time reducing your cost to entry.
Our team at Spectra Networks values client relationships above all else as the majority of our clients come directly from the positive referrals.
We help businesses of all sizes fulfill and manage their IT needs to achieve efficiency, compliance, and reliability.

What led you to this profession?
After studying both Business Management and Software Engineering, I found my passion and niche in IT. I have been in the field of IT for 18 years with experience at MIT Lincoln Labs, Dell, and Lockheed Martin.

What do you do that is different from your competitors?
I am able to get to the heart of a technology issue in a straightforward way, using uncomplicated terminology for the less IT-minded person. My clients like that I am able to explain things in a non-jargon filled way that allows them to fully understand the issue and the solutions I am providing.

What would your clients say about your or your company?

Our customers say the nicest things:
"My employer started using Spectra for our IT stuff about 9 months ago. Before that we were with a company that didn't seem to have a clue. Honestly, Spectra has made our lives so much better. IT is so frustrating when you don't know what to do and something isn't working. That doesn't even include the money lost when people can't work. I LOVE these people !! Kitty Moomjian


"Joe and his team are excellent with support to our organization.  He supports all of our team in a timely manner which keeps our team humming along with minimal downtime.  I recommend Spectra Networks to any business looking for tremendous support and very knowledgeable staff.  THANKS to Joe and his team for everything they DO on a daily basis!!!"  Fred Guaraldo


"Spectra Networks  is a complete gem. Speedy responses and with every encounter they also enlighten us  so that incase we or other agents come across similar situations we are able to solve the issue immediately. They have definitely made IT issues a breeze. Forever grateful!" Ashley Miley

Is there a non profit organization that you are passionate about?  Tell us why.

We provide IT support for a sexual health clinic with offices across the North Shore of Massachusetts. We are passionate about providing comprehensive IT support and IT management for this organization because we believe healthcare is a human right for all. 


Their focus on women’s reproductive rights and providing compassionate care to the LGBTQIA community is in alignment with our beliefs and it is an honor to work with them and support their mission.

Is there anything else you like to share about you or your organization?
Not only are we a member of the Peabody Area Chamber of Commerce, we are proud to be a LGBT certified business enterprise and a member of the Massachusetts LGBT chamber of commerce.

What is something that not many people know about you personally?
I love what I do in the tech world, but I also really enjoy traveling and cooking. I have a family home on Sao Jorge in the Azores, Portugal. I enjoy visiting and hope to explore more of the islands!

Check out our Facebook page or read our blog at for lots of tips and articles about what is happening in the tech world and how it affects your business.


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