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Meet our Board Member: Brad Gosselin

Tell us a little bit about your mission and your role -   

Bridgewell inspires hope and empowers people experiencing life challenges to achieve their fullest potential. My role as Institutional Giving Manager is to work with our corporate sponsors and donors and also write all corporate, private, and foundational grants.

Why is your business a member of the PACC -   

Bridgewell believes very strongly to be a part of the communities and business communities in the areas it provides services. A business can not truly succeed without being a valued member of the community. 

Why you wanted to be a member of the PACC board -   

Besides the reason above, I strongly believe it is important for non-profits to have a voice in the business community. Often times, non-profits are not great self-promoting, believing that they provide the services for the benefit of those served, which is very true, but a non-profit must promote itself as well as survive. 

Tell us something personal about you i.e. do you love cats, have you traveled somewhere exotic, have you met a celebrity, etc -   

My family adopted a 3 legged cat from a shelter. Our younger son has Down Syndrome and my older son chose Tommy the cat because he felt that since we knew what it was like to love someone with a disability we would be the perfect home for him. As far as celebrities, the most famous person I got to meet wasn't a sports star, but would have been the gentlemen who played Munchkin Coroner in the Wizard of Oz. 


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