Events & Programming Committee

Is there an event you would like to see the PACC host or have ideas to improve on current programs? Help us plan events that deliver the opportunities our members want or volunteer to help out during events.
Mary Lou O'Connor
2016 Chair
Proforma Ink - Printing and Promotional Marketing
Sue Tomchyshyn
2016 Co-Chair
Plexus Worldwide
I was  introduced to Plexus Worldwide as a result of our very first product-the Breast Check Kit.I knew this was an amazing tool for women and wanted to get it into the hands of friends and family.Since then the product line has grown to 15 products-each one focusing on helping people achieve optimal health thru natural plant based ingredients.Over the past 3 years Plexus has enjoyed growth of over 16,000 %! Why ? Because the products work!.
Whether you are looking to lose weight,balance  blood sugars,improve gut health or alleviate chronic aches and pains,you will likely find a product that can help in Plexus.
Supporting the community through the Peabody Chamber enables me to follow my true passion for helping others and I am excited to bring the good news of Plexus to New England.
Julie Daigle
Champion: Intl Festival
City of Peabody
Business Liaison
Michelle Talisman
Champion: State of the City
Peabody House
David Olson
Champion: Annual Dinner
The Salem News
John Landry
Landry Home Decorating, LLC
Mary Bellavance
City of Peabody
Administrative Assitant
Chris Feazel
District Sales Coordinator
Be a hero to your employees—Aflac's insurance policies may not only help your employees maintain their independence during health hardships, but they can also help you retain and attract quality employees. Aflac increases benefit freedom and employee choice—helping you meet the demand for greater benefit choices without any cost to the company. Aflac allows companies with 3 or more employees to offer employee-paid benefits such as disability, dental, accident and cancer programs through payroll deduction.
Lynn Feazel
Phyllis Freeman
PIP New England
Vice President
Mary Lou DaSilva
North Shore Bank
Branch Manager - Main Street
Tim Sullivan
Originals by
Kristen O'Connor
Proforma Ink - Printing and Promotional Marketing
Rudy Van Oeveren
Peabody Wealth Advisors
Shannon Downey
Black Cat Digital Marketing

Shannon Downey, owner of Black Cat Digital Marketing has over 20 years of experience across many marketing disciplines including digital marketing communications, product marketing, event management, PR, outbound and inbound marketing, website development and marketing program management.  She has worked in a variety of industries including Internet security, hardware, software, publishing and composites manufacturing.  She holds a BFA from New York University and a JD from Suffolk University Law School.  She has also formed her own 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, The Patrick Downey Foundation, which is focused on raising awareness for esophageal cancer.  She is a marathoner and lives in Peabody with her husband and their black cats.

Jason Colacchio
Ex Board Liaison
Adcco Incorporated